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International family law is complicated. Couples from all over the world move to the San Francisco Bay Area to live and work. Complicated questions of facts and of law can be presented when these couple decides to get divorced.  Often clients own or inherit property in other countries, where different laws apply, that need to be divided in a divorce.   One parent may want to move away with the children, setting the stage for a custody battle. Anne is uniquely positioned to deal with international divorces having lived, worked, and traveled in Europe and Asia. She is fluent in Spanish, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish and has worked with clients from India, Israel, China, Japan, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Central and South America to successfully navigate divorces involving international custody arrangements and property holdings.


Mediation is a good alternative for spouses who can be in the same room and set aside their differences to peacefully resolve their property and custody issues.  Working with both spouses, Anne will help them divide their community property and finalize their custody issues without the additional rancor and costs of a trial.  Bypassing the costs and stress of litigation and empowering both spouses, Anne will help interested clients move beyond the unpleasantness of divorce to peacefully resolve their differences and end their relationships. For couples who are committed to respecting each other and are able to cooperate, mediation is a worthwhile and respectful way to formally end a marriage or long term relationship.


Litigation is time consuming, stressful and often inevitable in family law.  If your partner refuses to negotiate, going to court to litigate may be the only option.  Anne is an effective advocate for her clients and brings her extensive litigation experience into the court room on behalf of her clients.  She has completed more than fifty trials, and numerous hearings.  Anne’s family law litigation experience includes a two-week custody trial that resulted in her client getting the custody orders she requested as well as shorter support and custody trials.  She has defended clients in multi day contempt trials involving visitation and prosecuted financial contempt.  Anne has also handled a large number of restraining order trials and hearings. 


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