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What My Clients Say About Me

"Without hesitation I would recommend Anne Fokstuen. I engaged Anne on a complex scenario regarding international divorce and domicile. This was a potentially life changing event and something that filled me with fear and dread. Anne was supportive and reassuring from the outset. Her knowledge of US law and international considerations is without doubt. Anne always made herself available to speak with me and kept me updated throughout the process. Her calm demeanor and her attention to detail helped immensely. I would be very happy to work with Anne again, and I would recommend her to all."

Chris S.


Connie C.

Anne was referred to me by an attorney spouse of a very close friend. I also saw her name pop up on a community app called "NEXT-DOOR" and she was highly recommended by a fellow attorney. Having her peers speak so highly of Anne speaks volume on her character and integrity.
I spoke to 3 other attorneys and Anne was the most I felt comfortable and someone I felt would be a good fit to what I needed. I chose Anne bc I felt her sincerity and she never gave me the "Shark Lawyer" feeling on out to get your ex. but, at the same time I needed someone like her to protect my rights and what is due to me.
Throughout the whole process, Anne made it more tolerable for me by being responsive with any questions I have, thoughtfully giving me options and also considering my ex reactions and feelings but most of all Anne cautiously crafted a plan that allowed me to keep my home and provide stability for my children. Anne's expertise and knowledge was also amazing. I also appreciated the fact that I work with Anne directly rather than a legal assistant.
Thank you Anne for making a difficult time in my life more tolerable and giving me hope throughout the process. I am so happy with the outcome. I truly am blessed to have you as my attorney and would not have been able to achieve my goals
without you. I am truly grateful to have work with you.


Emily W.

“Anne served as my attorney for my divorce. Whenever I interacted with her, I always felt that she was a close, warm, and familiar presence. She was focused and devoted to my case, and I am certain she provides the same excellent representation to all her clients. I felt that her work was always accurate and fast and that her decisions were always well thought out.

Prior to Anne taking on my case, it moved slowly and there were many delays, but once Anne stepped in as my attorney, the resolution of my case was fast and efficient. She was able to quickly get in contact with opposing counsel and there were no unnecessary delays in my case. If I ever have any future concerns, I am certain that I will go to her. For me to have this day is all due to Anne. I am very grateful to have been saved by her. I am now independent and I feel that my life has meaning. Most importantly, my two children are happy. Thank you Anne!”


S. J.

"Two years into a nasty divorce I hired Anne and within two months I finally had a custody order that my children and I were happy with. Since I hired her, I no longer worry about what my vindictive ex will come up with next  and I and my children sleep well at night.  With custody resolved I feel confident that the rest of my divorce will finish in an equally successful manner. If you have a difficult custody case and you need a fighter in your corner, I strongly recommend that you hire Anne."


Christine L.

"Anne came in on the tail-end of my divorce and custody case: she helped me with move-away proceedings, and some difficult situations that came up. She was very thorough, professional, responsive (always got back to me the same day), and easy to talk to. She is very meticulous and careful about everything. I found her to be very professional and ethical in her dealings with the opposing side--she is not a "shark," rather, she is good at helping you achieve your goals in a grown-up fashion. I found this to be very important in my divorce and custody case as things can already be very difficult and adversarial and having an attorney who dials that back rather than ratcheting it up really helped it move along more smoothly. I really enjoyed working with her and felt very supported and very trusting in her abilities. She is also very caring and showed interest in me and my son as people and focused on what I wanted rather than on "winning." I would highly recommend her."


Eric M.

"I worked with Anne for my divorce. She was always professional and courteous. She took on the case after it had gone on for quite a while but her persuasiveness and advocacy brought the case to a swift and positive end. I would highly recommend her."


Z. J.

"A restraining order based on false accusation of domestic violence almost ruined my life. I do not have the opportunity to defend myself prior to its issuance or immediately after receiving it. As an actual victim of domestic violence myself, I found that I suddenly lost my time with my kid, my home, was thrown into overwhelming turmoil.  I am fortunate to get an exceptional lawyer, Anne. She was knowledgeable and experienced. I remembered that I emailed a bunch of questionsand provided lots of information, she understood my concerns and focused on the critical facts. Her professionalism played an important role to defeat lies during hearing. The restraining order was denied and I got my kid's custody.   If you are looking for an excellent lawyer on divorce/domestic violence,  I would recommend Anne Fokstuen at Law Office of Anne Fokstuen."